This one’s gone viral I’ve heard from other moms at the football game.





June 17, 2007

Eat this Book 3

June 17, 2007

Eat this Book 2

June 17, 2007

StuCo Dirty Jobs

June 10, 2007

LOVE this one:

Catching up

June 10, 2007

Here are some more great videos from CCC.

and the sequel:

Eat this Book

June 10, 2007

More fun from CCC‘s Creative Arts team.

Here’s the message that follows from June 2nd/3rd.

Wooly Bullies

March 7, 2007

Props to Anne for this video about knitters v. crocheters.

To help people get the Big Idea, Eric posted these two videos on his blog.  You get to see how the same message is presented to the adults and the kids at our church.  Great job, guys.

15 seconds of fame

January 22, 2007

Life has sped up so much, it’s no more 15 minutes of fame.  Now it’s 15 seconds.

What would YOU say?