Here’s what I’m working on. How about you?

Object #1: Sock for ABC (Second sock, yay!). It’s the Jaywalker in Scout’s Swag. Need to finish it soon.

Object #2: Wildflowers Scarf, designed by my girl Ellen, in Malabrigo’s Lettuce colorway. I’m working on cabling without a needle. It’s going well so far. I’m hoping that blocking will keep it from curling. Ellen used Manos, and I’m wondering if it’s a little heavier (and less curly-uppy–I think that’s the technical term) than Malabrigo. Any thoughts?

And my new sp9 friend Anne is having a seriously awesome contest.  The prize is a set of Denise needles.  Wow!  Get your write on and get over to Anne’s blog to enter.


Thanks Secret Pal!

November 28, 2006

I received my first package from my Secret Pal.  She is amazing!  Look what was inside.

Love the quadrille book for graphing designs, etc.  And I plead the Fifth as to the whereabouts of a very large, very delicious dark chocolate bar with nuts.

The wooden contraption is a handy-dandy one inch gauge measurer normally used by weavers.  I love it.  And it’s from Manitoba.  Love it more.  The spice soap smells completely yummy–do I use it in the shower or put it in the dresser to beautify the unmentionables drawer?  Maybe both, but not in that order.

The sport weight Opal is an amazing blue color which I think came out pretty true in the photo.  So did the Misti Alpaca.  Sigh.  So gorgeous.

I’m running out of adjectives to describe how amazing everything is.   And last but certainly not least is the double-pointed needle holder.  MUCH more attractive and functional than the current cardboard box that holds my needles now.  Please weigh in with comments, friends.  How do you mark what size the needles are in your dpn cases?  Do you keep them in the original package?  Write on a rubber band that you wrap around the set?  Help out a universally disorganized person.

Blowing kisses, Secret pal.  Thanks SO much.  I love everything.  Now I have to noodle on what to make with that fabu yarn.

Awesome packages arrive!

November 27, 2006

Getting packages is the best thing in the world, isn’t it?  In the top five, definitely.

Thanks to Harriet, my sp8 spoilee, who remembered my birthday in a HUGE way with STR in the Puck’s Mischief colorway–the exact colorway I wanted.   It’s beautiful; thanks so much my lime dragony friend.  And also yummy chocolate (with obligatory cat paw)!!!

Next is Mama-E’s November yarn colorway from her Sock Club–she lovingly dubbed it ‘Candy Corn.’  Love it.

I also received the prize from Amy’s Day of the Dead contest.  She rocks the prizes, baby.  Check out the gorgeous yarn and the highly coveted Lantern Moon black sheep measuring tape.  Thanks Amy!!!

And last but not least, fun stuff from my mom and dad.   That mother of mine knows how to put together a package!  Beautiful earrings (which are hiding right now in the clutter that is my room), two fun calendars and money.  What’s not to like?  Thanks, parental units, you rock.

Birthday recap

November 27, 2006

Thanks for all the warm and thoughtful birthday wishes!  Sorry I’ve been  AWOL,  I’m not good at juggling lots of balls in the air at once.  I started my new job, which is great.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I converted our dining room into a bedroom for my daughter. I put up the Christmas tree (probably the only holiday decoration we’ll have with the exception of a few tiny others).  And, I’m trying to get all the boxes from the storage locker I emptied either cleaned out and given away or put away.  Not an easy job in a limited amount of space.

I’m tired of the clutter, but am I tired enough to get rid of it?  One pile of papers at a time . . .

Here’s the cake and the obligatory Edna Mode shot:

Bustin’ a move

November 22, 2006

Thanks to Cecily for turning me on to the Blue-Footed Booby Dance.  Those dudes know how to bust a move.  And their footwear?  Yeah, baby.

More Heroics

November 22, 2006

More creativity from CCC.  Here’s the video from the StudentCommunity about Heroes.


November 19, 2006

Here’s the latest CCC video from our most recent theme:  Hero.

Quiz time!

November 15, 2006

Anyone know what state holiday this is?  You Michiganders have the edge here.  Oh wait, none of you are reading this because you are all out DEER HUNTING.

That’s right folks, it’s opening day of deer hunting season, and there’s no school in Michigan–at least in the counties I used to live in.  (I am NOT making this up.)

In honor of the festivities, guess what happened to me this evening on the way to drop my son off at StudentCommunity?

A deer ran in front of my car.  On Ogden Avenue.  At rush hour.  (I am NOT making this up.) Fortunately, my UP driving skills kicked in, and I avoided hitting the doe.  And the people behind me avoided hitting me.  Thankfully.

Nothing like a little cervine skirmish to get the blood pumping on opening day.  And don’t forget it’s a deer hunting license, not a beer hunting license.

Let’s be careful out there.

And here’s another quiz question:  is this the kind of deer I saw?

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I love you guys.  Still having intermittent email issues, hope to respond to everyone individually ASAP.   Birthday pictures and present update to come.


November 14, 2006

Grace.  That’s going to be the theme chez Bluey for year 43.  Reveling in it and practicing it each moment of each day.  I’m going to be thankful for what I have in its fulness and not diminish its beauty by pining for what (or whom) I don’t or can’t have.  I choose to love those who love me and those who don’t.

From the cup of life, I will drink both the bitter and the sweet, knowing in the end they are the same:  treasures.

Happy Birthday to me!

November 14, 2006

And what better way to celebrate than two of my favorite things?  The Beatle’s Birthday song and The Office?

My kids got up early and made me coffee and breakfast.  I opened presents and all the festivities were over by 6:30!  Wow.

Now off to have coffee with two of my favorite people . . .