15 seconds of fame

January 22, 2007

Life has sped up so much, it’s no more 15 minutes of fame.  Now it’s 15 seconds.

What would YOU say?


From the Bluey archives

January 22, 2007

Hi friends–

There is knitting going on chez Blue (pictures to come), and some living and also some reflecting.  I know it’s almost February, but I’m pondering the whole New Year’s Resolution thing.  Being an introvert (as well as a procrastinator), I’m not so prone to share (or maybe a perfectionist–it’s better to never commit than to fail).

Anyway, I was re-reading some of my old blog postings, and I thought this was fitting for a new year as I continue the search for the essential moi.  Of course, add knitting with a capital K into the current mix too.


May 27th, 2005 · 

Some people are born knowing their purpose in life. It is an plain as the nose on their face. They forge through life filled with the surety of who they are and what they are to do. Not so for all of us. We may be passing fair at some or many things but nothing seems to jump out. Somehow I don’t think my calling in life is to watch movies or read books or eat potato chips–much as I wish it were.

As I ponder my purpose in life, I know that God made me and He made me me. I have certain gifts. Even though clarity seems to elude me as to what they are and doubt comes because there are always people better at things than I, I’m meant to know them and then use them. It seems logical they are gifts tied in to what I like and find meaningful. Maybe I’m created to be the best widget maker I can be. Maybe not, since I don’t even know what a widget is.

I heard a speaker yesterday on Christian radio, and his message touched the place in my heart longing for a sense of belonging and knowing. He said that every job we are called to do is from God. And now pops into my head that old familiar saying, “There is no difference between the secular and the sacred. All ground is holy ground. Every bush is a burning bush.” There is intellectual assent to that, but we grade people’s jobs and lives just as we grade our sins. A pastor has a holier job than a widget maker, your sin is worse than mine, etc.

All that to say this. Maybe right now I am called to be a mother. Or a wanderer. Or a writer. Whatever it is, for however long the season may be, I want to know it’s God’s calling for me, not just mine. I don’t need to feel guilty because I’m not living up to some societal or ecclesiastical standard of what I’m supposed to be. My purpose lies somewhere in my life, and I must seek it as I would buried treasure. I have a feeling that when I find it I’ll say, “I knew it all along!” Until then I shall remain on the lookout–in every book and movie and potato chip and everywhere else–for the me I’m supposed to be.

SuperBowl XLI

January 21, 2007


Lovie Smith is my hero.  That dude has leadership skills that need to be studied and emulated.  Love that Lovie.

I’m bringing serving back

January 21, 2007

’cause Justin already brought sexy back.

I was watching it at church and couldn’t wait to get home to post it for you, Heatherly!  Here’s the link to the message it introduced  (which isn’t posted as of Sunday afternoon–think the guys are watching the Bears game instead?).

You know it’s fiction

January 20, 2007

When a head of state is this fine.

I’m in, baby!  It’s my big treat to myself.

We now return you to the year of restraint.

My new soul-mate

January 16, 2007

A Scot with an Italian name.  Sound familiar?

Here’s CCC‘s latest video to promote joining a small group.

I planned this weekend without the kids to be a quiet one.  Friday I reconnected with an old friend, and we talked on the phone for two hours.  Then I had a good talk about the kids with the person formerly known as my husband (one of those awkward, “what do I call you now?” things).  I stopped by a store and bought a book I needed for Saturday.  Then I talked with my long-time chum who lives in South Dakota.

Saturday was to be a quiet one too, bookended by my new small group in the morning and a concert in the evening. I made muffins and drove to the leader’s house–dreading a new thing as always.

I’m so glad I went.  We’re studying the book Captivating.  I’ve read some of John Eldredge’s other books, so I was leery and eager to read this one.  Leery because his other books have gotten way under my veneer and eager for the same reason.  We had a great discussion, and I’m looking forward to going again in two weeks.

From there I decided to run to my favorite LYS to use my gift certificates.  I ended up staying about two hours trying to decide what to get, just like a kid wrestling over how to spend that quarter of allowance (boy am I giving away my age).  I had a Namaste bag in my hand several times, but I decided against one for three reasons:

They are too big for me to carry around as a handbag.

They are ‘leatherette’ (aka FAKE).

The design I like best is actually a needle binder.  Rework that one into a bag, Namaste, and I’ll be all over it–leatherette or not.  Word to knitting bag designers–petite ladies like bags too, just not ones we have to hire a lackey to carry.

I ended up with more Colinette Jitterbug (in the Castagna colorway) and a couple of gifts for my Secret Pal.

I got home, fixed myself a snack and prepared to plop down in front of the tv.  The phone rang, and my friend who was back in town for the afternoon asked me to hang out and test drive a Hummer 3 with her.   I said yes, so we spent the next couple of hours checking out a monolithic and suburban-useless gas guzzler.  She rolls her eyes at the spouse because it’s purely a status thing with him.  He’s all about the luxury, so driving a tank probably won’t make him happy.

We had a nice visit, and she dropped me back off at my place in time to grab my car and hit the 5 p.m. service at church.  I arrived a few minutes late (same old same old), so I looked for a seat in the back and found one next to #1 son’s 5th grade teacher!  We had a nice time reconnecting (not during the message of course).  She is our favorite teacher in the world.

Then I had the serendipity of connecting with another friend whose calls I haven’t returned lately because I mostly hate talking on the phone (she’s great–it’s not her, it’s me).  Remember that sketch from SNL where Christopher Walken can’t talk on the phone? Phone-a-phobe.  (I know, I know, don’t use Wiki as a source.  I’m just showing you I’m not alone.)  It’s the making calls that kills me.

On to the concert:  I went with my dear friend Susan and her husband.  We met up with our friend Kathy and her husband, parents of the Winston bassist (and my knitting protégé).  We were assaulted by band #1–all the songs sounded the same and LOUD.  Only redeeming quality–bassist was very cute (albeit jailbait).

Winston played next and did a good job.  They had variety in their selections, no instrumental malfunctions and all play their instruments well.  I think my ears are still ringing–mostly from band one, but it was fun to go.

I was a party-pooper and said I’d rather go home than go out (not enough sleep the night before), so we drove back to Susan’s.  As we were getting out of her car she said all the cars parked on the street must be people at her neighbor’s house.  He’s always having parties, she said, and he’s unlike anyone else she’s ever met–a quiet extrovert.

At the same time, she and I both commented that was not like us–LOUD introverts.  And to prove my point, I went home and hibernated (happily) all of yesterday.  I slept until 12:30, something I haven’t done since high school and was all set to go to bed at 7 pm until I remembered that 24’s season premier was on.  I decided I could handle a headache if it meant watching two hours of Kiefer, so I stayed up.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my other boyfriend on this show too.  Gorgeous men saving the world, one bare-chested scene at a time, what’s not to like?

And there’s more of it tonight.

Oh, and Go Bears!  Good Rex showed up yesterday.  Super Bowl here we come (fingers crossed).