As a Montessori teacher and a parent I wonder how anyone could justify this?



Yay! I figured out how to imbed YouTube into a post. Now for photos. Any suggestions? The ones I tried to upload looked like we had them under a microscope.

* One of my favorite Sunny Beaudelaire sayings from A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The lovely and talented Amelia is having a contest. Tell her a story of your family history–did your mother foil a peeping tom? Amelia’s did. Was your cousin present in Dallas on that fateful day in 1963? Mine was.

Stop by her blog and leave a comment or a link to your blog sharing one of your family’s stories. She’s nearing 3500 comments and yarny goodness will be the fruit for commenter #3501.

While you’re there take time to peruse her fabulous patterns. She is not only fashionable, she’s amazingly talented. And love that Harvey!

I have too much to do today, so I’m going back to bed.  But first, I’ll find a way to post some pictures today of things that are so ancient they ought to be carbon-dated.

I took pictures last night, but realized they will look horrible with no natural lighting.  So, when it gets light, I’ll try again.

For now, back for some extra weekendy zzzzzzzzzs.

Welcome to my new blog home!

September 29, 2006

Things chez Bluey will continue with the same high quality insight into the vagaries of knitting, my failing memory, and whatever (or whomever) happens to catch my fancy. Don’t forget to add my new URL to your Bloglines (pretty please.)

Tune in as I learn to use WordPress. Thanks for suggestions and tips from my fellow bloggers Kathy, Zhi-Wen, Miriam. Uploading pictures is very different. The last one I tried to upload was way too big and downright scary. I’ll add widgets, pictures and whatever else is cool that I can figure out how to do.

And tune in as I reveal some interesting knitting antiques and a contest.

To read previous posts that didn’t make the cut into WP, my old Blogger blog is redhead ramblings.

Back soon. Hopefully with pictures!

Moving on up

September 27, 2006

I think it’s time to make the move from Blogger.  I’m not going to complain because it’s free.  Thanks for the memories, Blogger.


September 27, 2006

Thanks for all your comments about how to import Blogger posts to WordPress. I found my way to the Import section and made all the correct clicks. And WP imported everything for two years up to the end of July.

I think it doesn’t like the rest. Perhaps it’s not of a certain quality.