Maylin (who lives in a yurt–how cool is that?) has stocked her etsy shop and would like to know what you think about it.  Visit her shop and leave her feedback on her blog.  You could win some fibery goodness!


Hey friends,

I had my first job interview in ages yesterday.  And I got the call for a second interview!  Very excited.  I might actually have health benefits post-divorce.  That’s a good thing.  I’ll keep you posted.

Chris (who, along with her kitties, is awesome) mentioned some of these contests on her blog, so you may have seen them.   Stop by and wish her speedy recovery from her surgery.

Angela wants us to go vote for her friend Nikki’s children’s book illustrations.  Very cute.  Post a link encouraging other’s to vote for Nikki and let Angela know; you’ll be entered to win a prize! Fabu yarn.

Pam’s blogiversary contest is fun.  Answer one (or all) or her four knitterly questions and you could win some yarn!  Yay yarn.  Cute kitty modeling the yarn too.

Roxie is giving away some black cashmere yarn for sending in pictures of hands knitting.  The more hands you send (pics of course), the more entries you get.  You’ll be up against Dave who is gunning to win.  And Wednesday is always a good day to stop by his blog.  😉

And of course, the mama of all contests, from a soon-to-be mama herself:  Cara is hosting Spin Out to raise money for Heifer International (what a great cause!).  You would not believe the prizes that our amazing fiber community has donated.   Make a donation to Heifer, let Cara know and be entered to win scads of swag.  It feels good even if you don’t win.

Good luck!

Win a skein a month in 2008

September 20, 2007

Yeah, baby.  Thanks to Wendy for the link.

Check out 5 Minutes for Mom. Those cute twin work-at-home moms are giving away a Dyson vacuum and Dyson is donating the same amount for breast cancer research.  It’s win-win!  Leave a comment at their site and link back to your blog for a chance to win.

Another contest

September 12, 2007

Holly is having a contest. Tell her your favorite ‘comfort’ pattern, and be entered to win some great yarn! Post it on your blog and get an extra entry. Tell her I sent you and I get an extra entry too and so on and so on.

And Becky wants to know what you think she should do with Rowan 4-ply. Tell her, and you could win some yarn. Same extras apply as in Holly’s contest.

Updated to add:

Kimberly is having a contest too. Tell her some quick easy felt projects for her Christmas list, and be entered to win a prize.

Marsha is celebrating two years of blogging with a contest. What three things would you have to have with you on a desert island? So far I’ve got Clive Owen, but I’m stuck on the other two. Thanks to my favorite Yenta for the heads up on this contest.

Have you seen the new Knitty? It was impossible to get on to it this afternoon, because everyone else was trying. There are some killer patterns there. My four faves are Anne’s beautiful Totally Autumn, Aija’s Q socks, the Muir lace shawl and the woven-look scarf Henry.

Speaking of Aija, she too is having a contest. Add a couplet to the world’s largest Choka, and you can be entered to win etsy swag. She is a serious connoisseur of etsy. I often wonders how she does it and stays out of bankruptcy. But I live vicariously through her.

Lastly, celebrate feline birthdays with Chaos and Mayhem by leaving them some advice a kitty needs to know, and their mom Chris might send you a prize!

Have one for Norma

August 10, 2007

Join me in raising a glass to Fairy Godknitter‘s friend Norma.  Pop over to her blog, read the wonderful post, and leave a comment to enter her birthday contest.  Happy birthday, Joan!

Birthday contest

August 10, 2007

Pop over to Blogless MJ (who is no longer blogless), wish her a happy birthday and leave her a comment to win some sock yarn!

May 11, 2007


I’m back.  Not dead yet.  Just busy with kids, job, volunteering and trying to keep my head above water.  Best wishes to all you mothers out there.  Click on the button to enter contests for cool Mother’s Day swag from the lovely ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom.  Fun stuff.

Bargain shopping spree

April 5, 2007

I started to tell you a couple of weeks back about my St. Paddy’s day adventures, but I didn’t want to bore you with the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, the raffle, summer clothes shopping, a nap, oversleeping for church, my phone going off during a message about (gasp!) sex, heading for an Irish Catholic St. Paddy’s day dinner and dance with a friend and running out of gas, corn beef and cabbage, another raffle, blah blah blah.

I won a basket at the Kiwanis Raffle. It was filled with many things I’m thankful for and one of them was a $40 gift certificate to a store called Le Chocolat Bar (and I’m not making this up that there is an accent aigu over the second o on the sign–cringe). I went in, knowing I could spend $40 on chocolate in a heartbeat. Even better, though, the saleslady told me that I could also use the gift certificate at the owner’s other shop Perfect Details which has, to my great pleasure, Mary Frances bags. Some are shockingly garish, some are lovely. I went to the shop with every intention of buying a Mary Frances bag, but none struck my fancy this time (I already own one). Instead, I hit the sale room and found a bunch of handbags on clearance.

Here you see my haul. The large lime (?) colored bag was $65, but I got it for $20 because the owner tried to clean off some sticker residue and took the color off.

Can you even tell? Lime-colored Sharpie, where art thou? It will make a great knitting tote. The blue bag has the cutest magnet closure ever,

and it was $10 because the handle needs to be resewn (not sure of original price, but I love the color). The saleslady says her shoe repair guy will fix it for five bucks. Sold. The kitty bag was $15 as is, (from $45) but I can’t see anything wrong with it.

And the multi-colored bag has a couple of spots on it, so it was $10 (from $35). It’ll have spots on it from me anyway as soon as I spill a Starbucks on it, so why not get it cheaper and pre-spotted? Makes me no anyhow, as my Mennonite friends would say. So I used my gift certificate and only had to pay $18. 71. Not bad for four handbags, n’est-ce pas?

Oh, and yuck at how dirty my windows are. Guess I skipped that part of spring cleaning. I’ll make that a frog to eat for this week.

I’m too late to enter La’s contest about furbaby feet, but it’s never too late to post cute feet.  Here goes.  And head over to JenLa and vote for your favorite cute feet.

Grubby Yorkie feet (Gino)

Soft as they look Velvet feet

Knubbly cuteness Charles feet.