September 21, 2007

Have you checked out Destash lately?

Oh no you dinnit, because there’s still Fleece Artist, Koigu, Yarn Pirate and more.  It’s insane.

And check out my friend Anne who is destashing to fund her new spinning wheel!  Go Anne-girl!


Awesome knitting deals

September 19, 2007

Check out Suzie’s beautiful laceweight:  her dilemma is your deal!  I have this yarn; it’s seriously beautiful, and I might need to get some of this if it’s not all gone.

And the wonderful Bethe is destashing Addis (Woohoo!) at Destash.  She’s got quite a selection, and they are half price!  Going quickly . . .

Killer yarn

April 5, 2007

This is the yarn that has arrived on my doorstep lately.

The wonderful Monsoon STR from the Rockin’ Sock club.

I’ve yet to make the socks everyone is discussing.  I love the skein so much, I might keep it as a pet.  And the iddy biddy baby skein is too cute (seen here being inspected by kitty nose and paw).

Our April kits are coming soon; I’ll have to decide if I’ll actually knit something with the yarn or keep it in my “soffy” pile.  (Soffy is what my baby brother used to say when he wanted to touch something to find out if it was soft.  Is that the cutest thing?  Okay, maybe not now that he’s 35, but it sure was when he looked like this:

The Fleece Artist yarn is their new Sea Wool–sock yarn with the wonderful oceany smell (Content: 70% washable merino wool, 30% seacell–good for your skin!).  Ordered from the lovely and quick-to-ship ladies at Yarn4Socks.

(Which reminds me of the old Highliner fishsticks commercial growing up in Canada, “Have you ever been to sea, Billy?”   “No, Captain Highliner.”  and so on . . . )

And last but not least, the lovely yarn dyed by Heather of AllThingsHeather.


She must be a nice girl, because in addition to her great fiber and fundraising, she’s named Heather.  Unlike the stereotype of the movie of the same name, I’m predisposed to like people named Heather because that is my wonderful sister’s name.  She’s smart and beautiful, and she tolerates the ridiculous nicknames I’ve always called her, with the exceptions of Feather and Heath (not like Heeth but like Heather without the ‘er’).

I have rambled enough, but I will say there is another skein of yarn that arrived which I cannot reveal, for if I showed you, then I’d have to kill you.  Or send you off to sea with Captain Highliner.  And none of us wants that, now do we?

Thanks SP9 Pal!

March 9, 2007

I am humbly apologizing for my lateness in posting my thanks to Gretchen, who was an amazing secret pal in spite of the holidays, a full-time job, a family and the noro virus. Thanks, lady! I love my package! Here’s the scoop:

Killer mobster Yorkie Gino stands guard over the cool stuff, making sure no one tries to take it. Jinx looks on.

Gorgeous and 0h-so-soft bulky merino and cool thick-thin yarn from a local farmer’s market. I’m so going to NYC; our farmer’s markets don’t have cool stuff like that.

Chocolate soap in chunk and liquid form with a big note saying DO NOT EAT! Both smell completely yum. Notice kitty bum of approval in the background.  And I can’t forget to mention the cool knitting gadgets which are like black shoes–you can never have too many (especially someone like yours truly who is always losing stuff).


Cool ways to help

March 7, 2007

Heather is raising money to buy books for a Montessori school in South Africa.  There’s yarn involved!  Great cause–Montessori, books, and helping underprivileged kids.

Eve is calling out for comic strip readers for a survey.  Admit it, we all read ’em.  Sign up on her blog.  She’s talkin’ yarn too!

So since she’s studying it, I want to know.  What’s your favorite comic?  Since the retirement of the ALL TIME best Calvin & Hobbes, I’d have to say Purls Before Swine [oops!  knitter’s mistake]  Pearls Before Swine.

Big shout out to Michelle who sent me this amazing package for our hearts and flowers swap. I love everything especially the hand-made potholder. This lady is seriously talented, and her kids are totally cute. There’s a much better picture of the potholder on her site. It’s been gray for a long time here in the Windy City and hard to get a good photo.

Alana unwraps the heart toilet paper and kitty inspects the package.

Yummy and pretty treats and a much-wanted book from my wishlist!

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Secret Pal Strikes Again!

January 10, 2007

Thanks, Secret Pal for the wonderful package! I waited to post because the light has been so terrible, I can’t get a decent picture. It’s not improving, however, so I thought an undecent (as opposed to indecent) picture would have to do. Some lovely, sproingy (clinical knitting term) Monarch sock yarn in the Christmas colorway. So beautiful!

And my first Elizabeth Zimmerman book of my very own! It’s easy to see why the knitting world is in love with her; her writing style is so warm and conversational. I can’t wait to read the whole thing and try out some of the patterns (not sure if ‘nether garments’ will top the list, but I appreciate the sentiment).

Also yummy Hershey’s kisses (long gone) and Barnes and Noble gift cards for my two kiddos (one used for a kitty calendar and teeny bopper magazine, the other being hoarded).

Thanks for your thoughtfulness, we all loved the package!

Okay, it’s 8:30 in the morning, and I’m drinking Diet Coke because the coffee pot is buried under WAY too many dirty dishes, and I just can’t wash them or even move them to get to the carafe. Is there a 12-step program for what I have? Ennui? Laziness? Workaphobia?

But you don’t want to know about that–you want to know who gets yarn! I don’t blame you. So did I.

Without further ado (because you know me, I’m all about the ado).  I drew names and the following folks are the lucky winners of the Holiday Traditions and Memories contest (read aloud in Don Pardo voice)!

anemotis (aka Courtney): the lovely and only a little bit scary subduer of wax Santas and mommy-in-waiting!

Kathleen: second time winner!

and because Kathleen is a two-time winner, I’ll add another winner just for fun:


Woohoo! Okay Lisa, email me with your snail mail address. You other two, I gotcha. Putting yours in the mail this a.m, so I’d better run.

But a huge thank you to everyone who shared. I think this was my favorite contest ever because you shared from your heart–funny, poignant, and beautiful–all (well, the melted Santas are a little dubious–I’m not going to let you live this down, Courtney 😉

Now for another fun holiday thing–what’s your favorite holiday movie?   I’ll have some alone time this holiday (yeah, sounds pathetic, I know), so any recommendations for good movies? Which ones do you watch year after year?  How about new favorites?  My kids and I love Elf with Will Ferrel.  We watch it all year ’round.  Dish, girls and boys.

And favorite holiday songs?  You gotta love Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song (thanks for the reminder, Kay, btw, I want a jelly donut injector).  What else?  I’m listening to Nat King Cole singing The Christmas Song as we speak.

I can’t believe it’s December 20th already.  I’m feeling betimes grinchy and  Tiny Timmish, but having you my bloggy friends is one of the things that makes me say, “God Bless us, everyone.”

Now, who’s turn is it to carve the roast beast?

Yarn! Prizes! Contest!

December 19, 2006

Yeah, those get your attention, don’t they?  They do me.

Judy‘s having a great contest to celebrate her 100th post.  She wants to hear your knitting resolution for 2007.

Cookie and Kristi are destashing to raise money for Stephanie’s favorite charity.  The Koigu’s gone (rats), but there’s still a lot of pretty yarn left for a Christmas gift to yourself!  Donating to Knitters without Borders will help reach the Yarn Harlot’s goal of $240, ooo, make you feel great, and maybe earn you some knitty prizes!

Holiday contest!

December 13, 2006

Okay, forgive my loserness in not mailing packages, all y’all that I owe prizes to. I have the yarn–it’s getting to the post office that’s killing me. It will come! Don’t send out the Without a Trace team yet. On second thought, send Agents Taylor and Fitzgerald, and I’ll pretend to be lost. Sigh.

I digress. Let’s have another contest!!!! A two parter. Tell me your (1) favorite or craziest holiday tradition and (2) your favorite holiday memory , and I’ll pick 2 winners to send some yarn to! Because what is a Christmas (or Hanukkah or any holiday for that matter) without yarn? Let’s go until December 18th, and I’ll get it in the mail–maybe even in time for Christmas? There are still miracles you know. And if you win and you are not a knitter, I’ll find something else as a prize. Candy? Something treat-ish.

And a huge THANK YOU to the sponsor of this contest–Laura. She donated yarn for contests. She’s an awesome SP9 gal. We love you Laura!!!!!!! And let’s pause to be totally jealous of her new car which is the exact car I want.

Edited to add:   You don’t have to be in sp9 to play.