Awesome knitting deals

September 19, 2007

Check out Suzie’s beautiful laceweight:  her dilemma is your deal!  I have this yarn; it’s seriously beautiful, and I might need to get some of this if it’s not all gone.

And the wonderful Bethe is destashing Addis (Woohoo!) at Destash.  She’s got quite a selection, and they are half price!  Going quickly . . .


2 Responses to “Awesome knitting deals”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Don’t even post that picture!!!!!

    Sorry, not sure if you wanna play, but you’ve been tagged. Go to and get the details.

  2. Rain Says:

    Thanks for wishing me =)
    And OMG that yarn…it’s the definition of lust!

    ps. My bro, he’s amazing, has the biggest heart in the whole wide world! Good luck with two however!! Hee!

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