I’m 16004 days old.

September 8, 2007

How about you? 


5 Responses to “I’m 16004 days old.”

  1. Shelley Says:

    11536 and my biorhythms are way bad!

  2. Bonnie Says:

    12970….. I need to go to bed – my biorhythms are whacked. Apparently I can’t complete a sentence, it’s amazing I even made it out of bed physically and I am not in harmony. I shouldn’t step out of the house today. : )

  3. Tan Says:

    20344, and I think all of use were given the same biorhythm readings. Of course for me it was accurate. I hope no one else is feeling this crappy today.

  4. Diane Says:

    17820 days …. no wonder I’m exhausted. lol. To tell the truth I don’t feel a day ofer 17625.

  5. Roberto Iza Says:

    What a wonderful time in history to be alive!

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