The cats are revolting

April 5, 2007


The cats are in full-on rebellion.  This new thing about jumping on the counter and just sitting there with a “Oh, yeah?  You and what army?” look has got to stop.  Five minutes later all three were up there.  This is the only counter space we have, and they are smearing their kitty bums all over it.

In the battle of the wills, I guess the humans have lost.  Who can stay angry at this face?

Cannot resist his Bengal-y cuteness.

Or the staredown of the feline-in-charge who is even now jumping back up on the counter?

Or the baby, who is the largest of the three cats, but seems like the baby anyway?  (Excuse the man hands in the pic.)


4 Responses to “The cats are revolting”

  1. Bad cats! Bad! Awww, you all are so cute! : )

  2. Diane Says:

    Bunch of freshies!

  3. Janus Says:

    Our cat is cute, and I can relate with loving the little trouble makers.

    The cat likes to knock stuff off the counter and seems to know what is valuable and breakable.

    Nothing like trying to sleep and the cat jumps up on a dresser and looks for stuff to break

  4. Anne Says:

    Have you seen the double-sided tape at PetSmart? It’s $11 a roll, but the idea is to put it where you don’t want them scratching. I’ve been told that once they jump somewhere sticky (say a counter with the tape on it), they won’t go back… Might be worth trying!


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