Secret Pal 9 ends! Secret Pal 10 begins!

February 1, 2007

Secret Pal 9 officially ended yesterday.  Some packages are still on their way.  Swappers, be sure to let me know if you haven’t had a final package in which your secret pal revealed her identity.

Sign up for Secret Pal 10 here.  Here’s the info:

Sign-ups: Feb 1 thru Feb 28th
Matches sent: By March 15th
Secret Pal 10: March 15th through June 30th

Please read through the rules for the swap before you sign up and make sure you can fulfill the commitment.  Almost everyone who returned our group survey (THANKS!) said the best part was the regular contact.

For those of you in my swap group:  here’s a list of my swappers’ blogs.  If you are still waiting to find out who your pal is–check out these blogs and see if you can guess!

Crafty Bean

Sour Cherries

Knit Exploits 

Maschas Nadelspiel 

Purls and Tails (having a contest that ends TODAY!)

Mei Flower

A Knitter in Transition 

Touch the Spindle


Three Sheeps to the Wind

Cigars on the Porch

Couleur tricot

Ramblings of a KnitWit 


Knit to Know 

Purly Sue

Deborah Knits

Alaskan Mom from California

Dyann Knits 

Boo Knits

Vegan Knitting . . . and then some . . . 

étoile à tricoter



Unfurnished Brooklyn

Yarn Snob

The adventures of SanFaerieAnne

Knitting Genie

even before we can speak we are being spoken

Knitting for Sanity

The Fairy GodKnitter 

JAG Walden Knits 

Juli’s Jots

Karla’s Korner 

All my Great (or not so Great) Adventures 

3 Grrrls Knit

The Inconsistent Mixer 


Knitty Kitty 

The KnitMaker 

Some Bunny’s Love

It’s my  world, join me, won’t you?




Notes on a Blotter 

Yarn It

Laura’s Knitting Blog 

A King’s Life


Dimples Designs 



Two sticks and some string!

Olive Knitting


Zan Knits 

Knot tonight, I’m knitting 


I hope these all work; Blogger was crazy this morning.  Or was it just me?


7 Responses to “Secret Pal 9 ends! Secret Pal 10 begins!”

  1. limedragon Says:

    Wasn’t just you. Blogger is being weird. Some blogs still wouldn’t load last time I tried at 11 am. Did you have fun with SP9, and are you continuing with SP10? 🙂

  2. kristin Says:

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  3. Robin Says:

    Hi Lorinda,
    Haven’t talked to you in awhile! How was it being a SP hostess? I’m thinking I’d like to do it next time – I guess Shelby has me on the list in case they need more!


  4. cecily Says:

    i’m so glad you were a hostess with me this round! 🙂 i hope you’re doing well…we should catch up soon.

    p.s. want to put in a prize for the best pal contest? i’m thinking about doing it. 😀

  5. justkhi Says:

    You were the truly the Hostess with the Mostess!

  6. kdy12570 Says:

    thanks for hosting SP9–you were great! When will we hear who got best buddy?

  7. mrspao Says:

    I’m tempted by SP10!

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