Hey, coffee’s a meal, isn’t it?

January 11, 2007

Check out the Nickelodeon PSA to eat breakfast that I found on Unfurnished Brooklyn’s blog. I told her I don’t think even utensils bustin’ a move could get me to eat breakfast, unless coffee counts.


5 Responses to “Hey, coffee’s a meal, isn’t it?”

  1. Coffee is so too breakfast!

  2. --Deb Says:

    Hmm, I suppose I’d better not tell you that I never leave the house without breakfast, huh? Although that DOES include coffee!

  3. meg Says:

    Abso-frekin’-lutely. Coffee is a *food*. Elixir of life, in fact.

  4. Jason Says:

    There are two official food groups

    1) Caffiene
    2) Cayenne

    All the rest is just filler

  5. Jason Says:

    Just watched the video.

    That “breakfast time” dish make Hulk angry!! Make Hulk want to SMAAASH!!!!

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