Thanks Secret Pal!

November 28, 2006

I received my first package from my Secret Pal.  She is amazing!  Look what was inside.

Love the quadrille book for graphing designs, etc.  And I plead the Fifth as to the whereabouts of a very large, very delicious dark chocolate bar with nuts.

The wooden contraption is a handy-dandy one inch gauge measurer normally used by weavers.  I love it.  And it’s from Manitoba.  Love it more.  The spice soap smells completely yummy–do I use it in the shower or put it in the dresser to beautify the unmentionables drawer?  Maybe both, but not in that order.

The sport weight Opal is an amazing blue color which I think came out pretty true in the photo.  So did the Misti Alpaca.  Sigh.  So gorgeous.

I’m running out of adjectives to describe how amazing everything is.   And last but certainly not least is the double-pointed needle holder.  MUCH more attractive and functional than the current cardboard box that holds my needles now.  Please weigh in with comments, friends.  How do you mark what size the needles are in your dpn cases?  Do you keep them in the original package?  Write on a rubber band that you wrap around the set?  Help out a universally disorganized person.

Blowing kisses, Secret pal.  Thanks SO much.  I love everything.  Now I have to noodle on what to make with that fabu yarn.


12 Responses to “Thanks Secret Pal!”

  1. mrspao Says:

    How lovely! I love the DPN holder 🙂

  2. Amy Says:

    I made a DPN holder like that and used paint to put on the numbers on the pockets. 😀

  3. Kathy Says:

    dpn holder???? My dpns all came in pretty nice plastic things and they are all kept in those and stuffed in a vase. That’s a lovely needle roll.

  4. Dorothy B Says:

    I usually just keep a needle guage in the vase with my DPN’s.

    You’ve got a great pal there.

  5. Katy Says:

    I keep my dpns in a pencil pouch made by Piddleloop Sewing Team, and an ancient needle sizer gauge in in with them. Some of them don’t have sizes that I can easily see.

  6. secret pal Says:

    Glad you likey!!!

    I don’t label them, but put them in in order of size. Then I grab them randomly when i knit socks, hats, etc. I’ve given up on the needle gauge as none of them measure the same….I’m contemplating a caliper (yes, I’m a geek).

  7. Anne Says:

    Oh, pretties! I love that needle holder. As for this thing you call “organization”….your words are foreign to me! *grin* My needles stay in their pouches (or else!). So far, they all seem to have sizes on them, but I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my KnitPicks Options set….which could revolutionize everything!


  8. Lucia Says:

    I just want to reach right through my monitor and grab that Misti Alpaca…

  9. Kenyetta Says:

    Nice gifts!
    I try to keep mine in the original package

  10. KnicKnac Says:

    Oh wow! Look at all the incredibly cool stuff!!!

  11. heatherly Says:

    manitoba? that is where my grandad was born. i ove misi alpaca, have fun with it.
    great package

  12. Robin Says:

    What a great Secret Pal! Looks like you got some fabulous stuff!

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