Birthday recap

November 27, 2006

Thanks for all the warm and thoughtful birthday wishes!  Sorry I’ve been  AWOL,  I’m not good at juggling lots of balls in the air at once.  I started my new job, which is great.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I converted our dining room into a bedroom for my daughter. I put up the Christmas tree (probably the only holiday decoration we’ll have with the exception of a few tiny others).  And, I’m trying to get all the boxes from the storage locker I emptied either cleaned out and given away or put away.  Not an easy job in a limited amount of space.

I’m tired of the clutter, but am I tired enough to get rid of it?  One pile of papers at a time . . .

Here’s the cake and the obligatory Edna Mode shot:


3 Responses to “Birthday recap”

  1. Shelley Says:

    Good shots, Glad you had a happy birthday we have missed you though. So why this converting from a dining room?

  2. B Says:

    What an awesome Birthday! You deserved it! Missed you on the blog scene!!!!

  3. knicknac Says:

    What a gorgeous family!

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