Quiz time!

November 15, 2006

Anyone know what state holiday this is?  You Michiganders have the edge here.  Oh wait, none of you are reading this because you are all out DEER HUNTING.

That’s right folks, it’s opening day of deer hunting season, and there’s no school in Michigan–at least in the counties I used to live in.  (I am NOT making this up.)

In honor of the festivities, guess what happened to me this evening on the way to drop my son off at StudentCommunity?

A deer ran in front of my car.  On Ogden Avenue.  At rush hour.  (I am NOT making this up.) Fortunately, my UP driving skills kicked in, and I avoided hitting the doe.  And the people behind me avoided hitting me.  Thankfully.

Nothing like a little cervine skirmish to get the blood pumping on opening day.  And don’t forget it’s a deer hunting license, not a beer hunting license.

Let’s be careful out there.

And here’s another quiz question:  is this the kind of deer I saw?

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I love you guys.  Still having intermittent email issues, hope to respond to everyone individually ASAP.   Birthday pictures and present update to come.


14 Responses to “Quiz time!”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Unless it was a confused doe, that was not the kind of deer you missed… a doe is an antler-less deer! 🙂

    Opening day here is the Saturday after Thanksgiving – for shotgun. I believe it already started for Bow, anyway. I always thought it was odd. Start on Saturday – no hunting Sunday. Why didn’t they just start on Monday???

    Never will understand. Of course, I really don’t try very hard anymore. No hunters remain in my family.

  2. Jen Says:

    Your first commenter got it right, the photo is not a doe, which is antlerless. My DH went to MN last weekend for their opener. His friend shot an 180 lb doe. Let’s not talk about weight issues, ok. It took both of them all they had to get that carcass to the butcher. We’ll be eating jerky forever. Drive careful!

  3. Saren Says:

    It looks like a white tail buck to me.

  4. Janus Says:

    White tail, probably the type that you almost hunted with the car, though take off the antlers and maybe give it a Summer dress

  5. Monica Says:

    Looks like a buck to me.

  6. Stacey Says:

    I believe that’s a white tail, which is common in your part of the country. It’s been open season for a few weeks here, but yep, I remember having days off of school for hunting. They did that in MI when I was in school up in the U.P.

  7. knicknac Says:

    Gosh, I hit a deer once, put a big fat dent in the front of my hood…thought I killed the deer! It was snowing hard, I finally stopped the car to see what happened…

    That dang deer got up, actually shook his head and sprinted off, none the worse.

    Over $2000 damage to my car! LOL

    Glad you are alright!

  8. Jen Says:

    My dad’s office is closed the first day of deer hunting season. True story!

  9. Jen Says:

    I mean to say, it’s a PAID HOLIDAY.

  10. Dorothy B Says:

    Glad you are all right. You didn’t nearly hit that one since it’s a white tail buck.

  11. Nic Says:

    Whatever it is, it needs to haul ass before there is a site focused on it.

  12. Carrie K Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  13. Nicole Says:

    I almost hit a buck on two separate occasions on Rt. 38 between Elburn and St. Charles. One was on the fateful night my seatbelt quit working. That was a heart in the throat kind of moment.

    Stay safe. Watch out for those deer on Ogden. Black bears and big foot can’t be far behind.

  14. Kendra Says:

    BTW– it’s always acknowleged as my birthday before it’s deer hunting season (or it’s open season on men in my life) just ask my exes. 😉

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