Two more contests!

November 8, 2006

KnitterSue wants you to leave a comment on her blog!  Stop by before Nov. 22nd, leave a comment, and be entered to win fun prizes.

Kerrie of HipKnits is having a ‘name this color yarn’ contest.  It’s a great color, and the winner gets a free skein of  Flying Saucers (’cause my name is going to win).  It SO looks like the candy the lovely mrspao sent me.

Oh, and CCCers (and anyone else of course), drop by Dave’s blog and suggest a caption for the photo he has posted.


One Response to “Two more contests!”

  1. Janus Says:

    Alright, I did the caption…lol thanks bringing it to my attention, though I didn’t make a very excitin’ one.

    I might have to have contests for people to check out my blog, but I don’t have any prizes yet and I still owe for the one I had before I redid the blog.

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