FO, FO, FO and a bottle of rum

November 6, 2006

Okay, I lied about the rum, but here are some FOs from Bluey’s needles. If perchance you read this blog and then receive something you see here as a gift, act surprised.

A mini-Martha poncho for my niece Miss Pink. Yes, it’s acrylic. Yes, I was too lazy to knit four panels and then sew them together, so I knit it in the round. Yes, I twisted the join so I had to (gasp!) cut the yarn because–again– I was too lazy to frog it. There are little knots where I cut and tied it. And you know what? I’m not even going to feel guilty about it. Also, the yarn knotted like crazy while I was knitting, so I almost quit the project. I’m glad I didn’t though. It’s so cute it makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Hope Miss Pink likes it (if I ever stop being lazy and mail it).

A Moebius scarf knit with the Merino Frappe that my wonderful friend Sarah sent me just because she’s amazing. It’s a treat to work with–soft as a frappe. Not that I go around fondling frappes. They are smooth, though, aren’t they? And the color is fabulous too.

I frogged my would-be tea towel and whipped up a quick warshrag. I just love how the pattern pops.

This is one of my oldest UFOs from my second knitting life (almost a year now). ABC kept nagging begging me to finish it up. It’s just a motley assortment of yarn, obviously. No thought about washing it entered my mind, obviously, since there are forty-two different types of yarn. Oh well, when it gets dirty we’ll just throw it away.

Just kidding.

And isn’t it appropriate that today is Marooned without a Compass Day?  Arrr-arrr-arrr.  I’m a little disappointed that I missed Waiting for the Barbarians Day, but in retrospect, that’s every day in my life.  Oh, and before I forget, Happy Saxophone Day.

And plan ahead!  Tomorrow is National Men Make Dinner Day.  Go get yourself a man and make him cook for you!  *runs off in search of hunky gourment chef*  Maybe that’s redundant?  Aren’t all men that cook hunky?  And don’t get me started on men who do dishes.

Now you know what to get me for my birthday.  😉


11 Responses to “FO, FO, FO and a bottle of rum”

  1. B Says:

    LOVE the wrap! Love the scarf as well (love it all) but REALLY love the wrap. Nat and Ro would eat that up. You gave me an idea….. (FOR NEXT YEAR) LOL!

  2. Kathleen Says:

    I think a man would need to cook AND clean up after the cooking to be hunky enough for me. I don’t mind the eating dishes. But the Cooking Dishes? Man needs to clean his own! 😉

  3. Joan Says:

    Nice FO’s, you deserve a little rum. And the hunky chef too.

  4. They all look cute and terrific. I wish I could feel that moebius/frappe scarf through my screen, alas!

  5. Lisa Says:

    🙂 very cool FOs! I have a guy who cooks, but we’re working on the dishes LOL 😀

  6. Diane Says:

    The little pink poncho is cute. Glad you didn’t fuss and worry about everything because it looks great. Some project just aren’t worth the fuss and bother.

    The moebius is beautiful. What a nice friend you have.

    My hubby doesn’t cook. Everyone in the family is happy about that. After I had my twins he decided to cook dinner and had a little problem with the mashed potatos; he couldn’t get them to absorb all the water (like rice does). LOL

  7. prettyknit Says:

    I love the mix yarn wrap, it look really good with jeans. I actually think of making one when I go enough different type yarn, I ‘m saving up my odd ball for it!!

  8. Pam Says:

    Hi Lorinda! I’ll see you at the YB this a.m., I wanted to invite you to join us for the video which starts at 9:10am, always great teaching! If not, see ya around 10! (I didn’t see an email option, so a comment it is!) Pam

  9. 1blacksheep Says:

    Dang—I missed my chance to have one of the men of the house cook. Suppose I could fib and tell them it’s today??

  10. Dorothy B Says:

    My Mr. cooks some days and does dishes some days too. He is very hunky, but I’m not inclined to share. If I run across another one like him though, I’ll be sure to redirect him your way.

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