E-cards–be thoughtful for free

November 1, 2006

My idea giver, Anne-girl, has turned me on to a new site for e-cards. While I think it’s impossible to send or receive too many Hoops & Yoyo or Screaming Banshee cards, it’s nice to get in touch with our fibery sensibilities too.

I sent my sister a Screaming Banshee card the other day, and my three-year old niece kept asking “why her keeming?”


2 Responses to “E-cards–be thoughtful for free”

  1. K Says:

    Bah!!! I like the Screaming Banshee cards! They just need one that depicts “Screaming Banshee goes on a yarn crawl”

    or maybe… “Screaming Banshee meets Bob Newhart”… I can just see it now…

    Stop it!

  2. Martha Says:

    I love the screaming banshee cards .They are too funny!!! I especially liked the one where she goes on a date. There should be one that has her going to take her drivers test.

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