Super Short Stories are Awesome!

October 27, 2006

sp9er super short story contest

Thanks for playing, guys.  The stories are great!  Check out some more here and here.  Keep them coming!

Here’s one from me:  Now yarn is my true love. 


5 Responses to “Super Short Stories are Awesome!”

  1. Beth Says:

    Here’s my story.
    The Spinster loved spinning a yarn.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    It is a telling yarn.

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Seems I edited too many words from the six word story when it was was only seven words long….

    Hmmmm…. let’s try:

    She needled him, spinning false yarns.

  4. --Deb Says:

    Fabulous first date. Now knitting booties.

    Knitting dog hair. No more vacuuming!

    Greetings, earthling. Take me to your sheep.

    Spinning Lifecycle: Circles, Wheels, now Yarn.

  5. prettyknit Says:

    here are mine:

    Fiber…perfect start of the day.

    My love, my home, my fiber.

    Start the day with a yarn.

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