Running with Zizzors*

October 27, 2006

Is anyone going to see the movie this weekend? I read the book when it first came out. It’s brilliantly written and truly disturbing–mostly because it’s true.

It’s funny how the little things are what bothered me the most. Purina Dog Chow. I’m just sayin’.

Edited to add:  I went tonight to see the movie.  The acting was great, and I read in a review that Augusten himself was pleased.  It was very true to the book, and that wasn’t always pretty.  Jill Clayburgh was marvelous.  My friend who hadn’t read the book loved it and wants to borrow the book from me now.

I give it a thumbs up as well.

*Zizzors –that’s what my son used to call them.


4 Responses to “Running with Zizzors*”

  1. Miriam Says:

    A friend gave me that book, but I haven’t read it yet…. must get to that.

  2. cecily Says:

    i love that book. and almost every augusten burroughs book i’ve read. i REEEEEEEALLY want to seeeee it, but i don’t think i’m going to get to. just like i didn’t get to see little miss sunshine or the science of sleep. bah. stupid school.

  3. Shelley Says:

    Entertainment weekly says that is nothing compared to the book, and was not very good. Just FYI. Might want to check out article, may even have something online.
    I havent read the book, but subscribe to EW.

  4. Laura Says:

    I’ve thought about reading that book! I had a question for you – does Susie take awhile to respond on sock yarn orders? I totally understand that she’s probably getting lots of orders and it may take her awhile, but my email server has given me a lot of problems lately. I think everything goes through eventually, I just wanted to be sure. Thank you!

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