Cute cats enhance all knitting

October 24, 2006

Some random photos of the cats overloading me with cute. Doesn’t Charlie have the fattest paws?

Notice that things look better when placed on or around Velvet the black cat.  He’s so photogenic. 

Where does Charles leave off and the Jaywalker begin? And a small dark and horrible picture of ABC wearing her perfectly fitting sock.  One sock counts as an FO in my economy.  So there.

And don’t think for one minute, KnitSisters (favorite knitbloggers EVAR), that I’m not sucking up with photos of cute cats to make you appreciate my “leaf-design-in-progress.”  (Did I dizzy you with that double negative, my Nyquil-impaired friend?)  I’ll post cute dog and children pictures and make veiled suggestions about packages of roving and yarn that might “accidentally” find their way to–I don’t know–Missouri?  Masachusetts?  That way you might overlook primitive designs and clumsy knitting.

I know I would.  If I were bribed.  Hypothetically.
Note the cutest-of -cute black and white bag and black and white yarn.  Both from Scout’s Swag club.  Sob.  I managed to get in for one month only.  But I will be brave.  And hope someone dies drops out.  Did I say that out loud?


4 Responses to “Cute cats enhance all knitting”

  1. Mark Says:

    hey there;
    I thought that you folks might get a kick out of our website;

    Check it out, and let us know what you think!

    Mark Ryan

  2. Mary Says:

    I *love* Charlie’s spots!!

  3. Ellen Says:

    Bribery will get you everywhere…

  4. lorinda Says:

    Color preferences, Ellen? Just hyphothetically . . .

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