To my Secret Pal 9 gals (and you other folks too if you want to peek)

October 12, 2006

Bonjour mes chéries!

*skip to the bottom of the post for contest news if you can’t stand reading this VERY long post. Except read this EDITED to add part first:

I just received a very helpful email from one of my sp9 gals.  I can’t say it any better than she did, so here is our guest poster–

It might help to send out a reminder to post the questionnaire, also, this
might be an issue as well…two of your email messages went straight into my
junk email folder.  I check it regularly so I caught it.  Maybe you can
remind people to either look into their junk email to find things from their
“secret pal” or even from YOU!  Maybe we could make it a habit to make sure
that everything we send has SP9 in the subject field and then we all could
make sure we make filters to accept those messages.  I don’t know.  If I
wasn’t computer savvy, I would have never gotten my pal in the first place!

Muchas gracias, secrety lady.  Do what she said and you’ll not go wrong.  Put sp9 in the title is the best idea.  Try to do it each time you write to me and to your pal.

BACK to our regularly scheduled post:
Everyone in my sp9 group should have received her match up by now. If you didn’t please contact me ASAP, and I’ll check it out.

I’m so excited! We have a great bunch of swappers (the best, yay!), and I’m enjoying getting to know you.

Some quick thoughts about sp9–

Check in at the Official sp9 website for updated info. We’ll post discounts and other great ideas there. And I’ll post info here on my blog too.

Keep me posted on questions, comments, concerns, cool stuff. Whatever it is, I want to know!

The more you put into it this swap, the more you get out. (Seems obvious but true.) I don’t mean money here. My favorite swap pals have been the ones who’ve left me comments on my blog, sent me regular emails and e-cards, and just let me know they were thinking of me. If you run into some problems, please contact me; we don’t want anyone waiting and waiting and waiting to hear from/receive a package from a spoiler.

Let’s share! Send me suggestions about things you’ve done in previous swaps or heard of that are great, and I’ll share them on my blog or in a group email. Do you make stitch markers and have a great formula? Share please! Any super patterns or yarn shops or great deals? We want to know!

Let’s learn from each other! Tell me your favorite knitblogs you read, and I’ll share those. My all-time fave is my girls Ellen and Sarah from KnitSisters. They are having a contest, too! They totally rock.

Great places to shop! (I can’t stop using exclamation points!) I LOVE these yarny purveyors. They are all people I have bought from or received gifts from or would sell body parts to have their merch. Great bunch of gals and guys. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. Let me know your faves too.

Scout’s Swag
Mama E’s C*EYE*BER fiber warehouse
Valerie’s store (my ColorSwap pal)
Wendy’s store (my OneSkein secret pal–Katydid yarn–to die for)
Dave Daniel’s Cabin Cove

My gal Susie’s Perchance to Knit shop

Kerry’s HipKnits

Astrid’s Dutch Obsessions–great prices on sock yarn and needles

Webs has super discounted prices and great quality.

Knitting Pattern Central is an online resource for free patterns.

That’s just a start (and excuse the spontaneous double-spacing: gnomes, I tell you).

ARRRRGGH! I just groaned loudly enough for all of you to hear. I sent the email to you, my group, with all the anonymous addresses typed into my BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) line. I sent it to myself too, and I see all of your names in the header. QUICK! Erase it without looking! Could I be any more technologically impaired? Tell the gnomes to get out of my email account! Nothing like outing everyone before sp9 officially starts. 😉

Forgive my dizzy-dameness. I’m harmless like Crazy Aunt Purl, another of my fave knitbloggers. Pass me the Shiraz, baby. Yeah, I know it’s only 9 a.m., but I’m already digging myself a ditch.

Your impaired but well-intentioned hostess with the mostess (mistakes, that is),


*Oh yeah, the contest! Most of you have already posted your sp9 Questionnaire. If you haven’t please post it quick as a wink. Once you’ve done that, look through all your Finished Objects (FOs) or pics of those FOs. Post a picture of the FO you like the best or are proudest of. Maybe it was conquering a new technique? Learning to steek? Shaping? You won a prize? Brag on yourself a little and then leave me a comment or email. I will happily check out your sp9 questionnaire and BFO (best finished object) because I’m nosy, and then I’ll use my RNG to come up with a winner. Sound like fun?


29 Responses to “To my Secret Pal 9 gals (and you other folks too if you want to peek)”

  1. knicknac Says:

    “I sent it to myself too, and I see all of your names in the header. QUICK! Erase it without looking! Could I be any more technologically impaired?” OMG – it SO sounds like something I would do!!! I am glad to know that I am not the only one in the world that is tech challenged! LOL

  2. Laura Says:

    I just posted my best finished object, check it out! It sounds like you’re going to be a great hostess, thanks for your hard work!

  3. Beth Says:

    I just posted mine too. Hooray for SP9 and our Hostess!

  4. Sterenig Says:

    Here it is for my best FO ! Thanks for all your good work ! I haven’t seen anything in the mail addresses … You great jedi master 😉

  5. Kathleen Says:

    Finished FOs posted, sort of! 🙂

  6. I have several posts under finished knits on my blog but the one I am the most proud of is my “sock”. I took a class and we made a small sock about the size for a Christmas tree ornament. I’m so proud of myself for finishing it and all in one day! I always wanted to learn to knit socks but was afraid to try. This little FO will be a constant reminder that if I can make one little sock; why not make two big ones?

    This is my first time with Secret Pal. I’m so excited to spoil and be spoiled. I didn’t even notice the names in the email, so never fear Lorinda. You really are the “Hostess with the Mostess”.

  7. knicknac Says:

    Ok, I am so dingy, I just NOW saw the contest, I hope I am not too late! My best finished object is on my blog! Thanks for being a FANTASTIC hostess!!!

  8. Emily Says:

    Um, I would love to enter the contest, except I’m one of thos folks who tends not to make a finished object…you know one slipper, one mitten, half a sweater…

  9. Judy Says:

    Posted my Hyphen Boy Modular felted bag that just won 1st place at my local knitting guild!

  10. K Says:

    Mine’s posted…

    I’d also add to the list of vendors… Sue’s always given top notch service and I’ve always been pleased with my purchases.

  11. Amy Says:

    I posted one. 🙂

  12. Kenyetta Says:

    All of my BFOs are up! Unfortunately some of my new best works, I don’t have pics of!

  13. Linda Says:

    I posted mine! I’m really excited about starting SP9!!

  14. kdy12570 Says:

    Oops, it’s obvious I can’t follow directions well, lol. I left my fave object on my blog

  15. Caitlin Says:

    I am posting mine as I type this… If only flickr would move faster!!
    Thanks for all of your hard work!

  16. cecily Says:

    oh man…i’ve had a really difficult weekend. please keep me in your prayers for the next few days…

  17. Katy Says:

    I posted my BFO to my blog, its the retro wedge felted back that I made in August.

  18. K Says:

    Speaking of vendors… Lisa Souza’s yarns are to die for, very reasonably priced and she gives impeccable service ( I just received a package this morning with her new supersport and it is incredible!! I’m putting pictures up on my blog, but the best part is the touch… so soft.

  19. Ut Prosim Says:

    Just wanted to make sure you knew that I put my entry in my SP9 Questionnaire and I had linked to you!

  20. I just posted my best FO! (It’s Branching Out, from

  21. Lara Says:

    I finally posted my best FO – hopefully not too late!

  22. Jen Says:

    OK, I wrote a little spiel about my BFO and linked to your blog 😉 You’re a reat hostess – love the contest ideas!

  23. Emily Says:

    I posted the thing I am most proud of. :o)

  24. Beth Says:

    I posted my favorite finished object in September. Here’s the link .
    I love her and she’s going with me to Rhinebeck in a couple of days. We’re hoping to bring home a ribbon.

  25. Beth Says:

    I mistyped my email address so here you are.

  26. prettyknit Says:

    Hi, I just post my BFO ( is a difficult decision), hope is not too late!

  27. Anne Says:

    I’ve finally posted my Best Finished Object! Mr. Soapy is my choice thus far. He’s a soap holder and very cute. Come on by my blog to take a gander at him. Another secret pal (not SP9) is the lucky recipient of him! Anne.

  28. My favorite finished object.

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