We have a winner!

October 11, 2006

Diane officially has our oldest UFO. She said:

I have a poncho I started in 1972. It’s acrylic (that terrible 70’s acrylic that you’d get for 29 cents a skein), it’s a horrible design (zipper front with a turtle neck and a pom pom used as a zipper pull), and just in case you are thinking, “Gee what’s so bad about that” let me add that it’s hot pink.

I don’t know why I still have it since I’ll never finish it or frog and use the yarn for something else but it’s moved with me 5 times and is in my closet.

I realize we should be giving prizes to those with no UFOs or those whose UFOs are only five minutes old, but I’ve always been an iconoclast. Diane, come on down! You are the grand prize winner. I have a skein of yarn with your name on it. Email me at wolindaATmacDOTcom with your color/fiber preferences, and I’ll go stash diving. I’m guessing hot pink acrylic is not what you’re looking for. But if you are, I’ll point you to that closet in your guest room . . .

Congrats Diane, and thanks for playing the oldest UFO game!

Oh, and what’s the deal with different sized type? “That reminds me of a story that’s in no way related. I was working with John Gielgud in a production of Troilus and Cressida, when I discovered I had no control OVER THE SIZE OF MY FONT!”


2 Responses to “We have a winner!”

  1. Hi Lorinda, sure, you can copy my idea for a contest for your group if you don’t mind me copying your oldest UFO one. Seriously, I like that one a lot!

  2. Diane Says:

    Thanks Lorinda!

    Usually I frog things when I decide not to complete the project and return the yarn to my stash. In the case of the hot pink acrylic yarn well let’s just say I’ve yet to look at a pattern book and say, “Gee that would look great in hot pink 70’s yarn.” Guess that’s a good thing.

    Part of the healing process is admitting you’ve done bad knitting and learning from your mistakes.

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