Stitch ‘n Pitch goodies

October 2, 2006

When the White Sox hosted a Stitch ‘n Pitch, I really wanted to go with my pal Bonnie. Alas, I was out of town that day. My dream of knitting while watching men in tight pants would have to wait for another day.

Imagine my surprise when Andi hosted a contest to give away her spare Stitch ‘n Pitch goodie bag from the Diamondbacks’ game! We had to guess the real name of her adorable baby K. As a person who has a middle name beginning with a K, I accepted her challenge.

I read through the ten guesses ahead of me. Hmmmm. Kendra popped into my head. “Kendra?” I said to myself. “That’s a cute name, I bet it’s Kendra.” So I typed it in, and guess what?

Kendra it is.

Check out the cool merch the D-backs gave to the fans.

I especially love the silver Skacel Fuego which is the same colorway as our dear Charles.

Thanks Andi and baby who is mysterious K no longer! And please go ooh and ahhh over her cuteness (she is that cute) and her mother’s amazing quilts.

Maybe I didn’t get the men in tight pants, but I have since learned that Buffalo Wild Wings is the right place to be when the football games are on. And I don’t look desperate because I bring my sport savant 11-year old. So I’m twenty years older than the other girls hanging out there “watching the football game.” If Demi did it, so can I.


4 Responses to “Stitch ‘n Pitch goodies”

  1. Robin Says:

    Aww, Charles is so cute!! What a beautifully marked kitty!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Oh, Charles is so handsome! I love his coloring and his markings.

  3. meg Says:

    Aaaw, cute cat! Going to knit him a sweater? 😉

  4. Nicole Says:

    Charles is a very good-looking cat.

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