You Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do

July 26, 2006

On the current cover of Knitty, there is a lovely pair of fingerless gloves. I saw some at My Sister’s Knits, too, made up from the pattern in Alterknits. I fondled them several times because they were beautiful. But I must pose a question.

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Why? Why wear gloves that have no fingers?

I grew up in Manitoba, so you’ll have to forgive me for not being able to wrap my mind around this particular article of clothing. Isn’t the purpose of gloves (or mittens for that matter) to keep you fingers warm? And if your wrists are cold, can’t you just wear long sleeves? Fingerless gloves just seem like an article of clothing where the essentials aren’t covered–something like a shirt with the chest cut out or pants with no bum. Are they purely ornamental? Are they for people afraid to knit fingers? I want to know.

Can anyone enlighten this Northern girl?


6 Responses to “You Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do”

  1. Using them to warm as much as possible of the hand-wrist-arm area without getting in the way of tasks such as A: knitting
    B: typing
    (particularly in cold AC offices!)

  2. lorinda Says:

    This is helpful to know. Thanks!

  3. beverly Says:

    I like fingerless gloves when I’m driving. Also, when I’m walking the dogs and it’s a bit chilly, but not too chilly…the lack of fingers helps me to click those leashes on when we hear someone approaching. Or it could be that I fear the fingers, lol.

  4. JulieFrick Says:

    Yeah, they seem silly, but for a mother who has to fiddle with carseat buckles, etc, they can be helpful. Another option is those flap-top mittens.

  5. Bonzairn Says:

    They are GREAT for bikers, runners, people who need to use their fingers while out in the cold…. I love them!

    BTW – I saw those on Knitty and was salivating….. want to go yarn shopping soon!!!!! BTW – what was the name of that yarn that I fell in love with at the Harlot….. the scarf that was being knitted…. the lime green one……

  6. Stacey Says:

    As someone with poor circulation I can see using them at work to try and keep my hands warm but not impair movement but outside they’d have to be switched for something with fingers. Mittens are actually the best.

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