Chicago Sights–It Was Magnificent, Thank You

July 21, 2006

Yesterday was the long awaited trip to American Girl. My niece L, my sister-in-law, ABC and I celebrated L’s tenth birthday in fine style. It rained on the way into the city from the ‘burbs, but the sun came out just as we arrived in Chicago. We parked in one of the city’s many garages, came out, went ’round the corner, and there was American Girl! We were thrilled.

We shopped, then walked around Michigan Avenue stopping at the fountain by the Water Tower

and (my favorite spot) the Fourth Presbyterian Church. The girls were thrilled with it and took tons of pictures.

I’m so glad for churches that leave their doors open as sanctuary–for the tourist seeking historic gothic architecture, the hurting heart seeking peace or the homeless person seeking a quiet place to rest.

Our next stop was the Hershey store where Miss ABC won a free cupcake for being the loudest. Hmmmm, there’s a surprise. Let’s reinforce that, shall we?

Then we jetted back to AG for a birthday tea. What a fun time! And L, whose party it was, bought ABC a doll. What a nice cousin and what a fun day!

Thanks, L and K!


3 Responses to “Chicago Sights–It Was Magnificent, Thank You”

  1. Ellen Says:

    What a fabulous day! I went to college in Chicago and I have fond memories of all those places (well, except for AG, which was after my time, alas…).

    Thanks for the photos!

  2. Bonzairn Says:

    WHAT a MOST Awesome day!!!!! How exciting!!!!! We are going downtown tomorrow with my friend Em – that is here from NC! I am glad you had a GREAT day!!!!!

  3. Lisa Says:

    I’m so jealous! I love American Girls. Since I have only boys, I started getting them for myself a few years back, and have three. Lucky ABC!!!! Which girl did she choose?

    I love the pictures of the churches too. I stopped into every one I could in Italy, for the art and the solitude. One I stopped into was having an organ recital, something heavy and Bach-y, but the sound was amazing, and I could have stayed for the whole performance had not my son been anxious to do something else (he was “churched out” by that time).

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