We Interrupt this Knitting Blog with Little to No Knitting to Bring You . . .

July 11, 2006

Knitting! Here’s the Top-Down Tease revamped. My friend tried it on, and, as I feared, it was too tight in the armholes. It was also about two inches too short. Other than that, it fit her perfectly and looked gorgeous. She wondered if it would shrink. I did too.

My questions were these: did I have to frog the whole thing and make it bigger? (Please, God, no.) How could I cut (eek!) the armhole and make it bigger? Would it shrink? I headed off to my LYS to seek the Oracle. And I found some answers. Frogging? No! Hooray. Cutting the armhole? No! Undo the bind off on the sleeve and redo it–looser, once more with feeling. Would it shrink? No! Linen doesn’t usually shrink.

I went home and knit three more inches on the bottom (no more holes for ribbon but continuing the reverse stockinette) and redid the armhole bind off.

I think it looks good; now for the fitting. Maybe fifteen times will be the charm.

Here’s the inside-out view. Working on my finishing skills.


2 Responses to “We Interrupt this Knitting Blog with Little to No Knitting to Bring You . . .”

  1. Ellen Says:

    That top is extremely cute and rather sexy. And better yet, you didn’t have to frog.

    There is so much to be grateful for…

    Hope it fits her this time…

  2. lorinda Says:

    Oh, Ellen, thanks!! No higher praise for a top than cute and sexy. I’m giving it to her tomorrow. I’ll give you an update then.

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