The Project That Gave Me Fits, and How I Solved It

July 4, 2006

Here’s a preliminary glimpse of the top-down tease that I’ve been struggling with for a while. It’s an aptly named project. It teased me with the simplicity of the pattern and then mocked me when I couldn’t get gauge, couldn’t get the holes for the ribbon to line up, couldn’t get anything right. Arggh.

After a confab with the friend I’m making it for (we both agreed it looked way to meshy and swimsuit cover-up-y) I returned to my LYS for help. Lovely Mary assessed the situation and said, “You need to add another strand of yarn.” We searched the shelves for the perfect complement to Maggie’s Linen and Maggie’s Multi Linen and came up with Maggie’s Rag. Just what I needed. I returned to my knitting with new zest, and I didn’t look back until I finished the tease (well, almost). It may be too short, but I at least have a garment for a fitting. It will be simple to add some extra rows, lace the tulle (pictured beside) through the holes that now line up and voila!!! It only took me fifty tries! But I didn’t quit. Yay me!


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