On the Horns of a Dilemmmmmma

June 29, 2006

(Mask forgetting how to spell a word by making it cutesy.)

Okay, so do I join the Hip Knits clubs? I don’t go to night clubs, so I’m joining all these knit clubs. Great way to meet girls and yarn, not such a hot way to meet guys. Not that I’m looking, I’m just sayin’.

Kerrie has the cashmere club:

Each month members will receive one skein of cashmere hand dyed especially for the club. The skein of will weigh approx 100g and can be either lace, sock or aran weight (this needs to be specified when you first place your order, tell us that you either want the same weight yarn each month or any combination that you want! If you do not specify you will get sock weight yarn) and will come with an exclusive pattern available only to club members. Woo Hoo.

The standard cost of 100g cashmere is £15.00 plus postage. HipKnits cashmere club members will receive 3 x 100g skeins of cashmere for £40 including postage (UK and Europe) and £45 including postage (Rest of World).

That’s $82.27 for three skeins or $27.42 per skein. Not a bad price as I check it out.

She also has a silk club that’s opening up in a few weeks.

Decisions, decisions.


2 Responses to “On the Horns of a Dilemmmmmma”

  1. shanwen Says:

    thanks you for dropping by 🙂
    so did u buy anything from kerrie’s site ?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    poor you…lol


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