Project Spectrum Project (or Hooked on Lace)

June 16, 2006

Hey folks, if Lorinda can knit lace, anyone can. My SP8 sent me the gorgeous Fiddlesticks silk yarn and the pattern, and I HAD to try it! It’s a fairly simple ten row pattern, and I’m happy to say I’m almost finished with this scarf. It’s lovely. Yes, I’ve had to tink and frog, but I’m not daunted. It was a great beginner project for me.

Love my sp8!!!! Thanks for the impetus.

Next learning curve: blocking.


One Response to “Project Spectrum Project (or Hooked on Lace)”

  1. cecily Says:

    I don’t know how to block, either…and I just started my Icarus shawl today. Granted, it’ll be a loooooooong time until I need to learn how.

    It looks like I’m not going to be able to get to the post office today like I planned…I’m hoping for Monday at the latest. It’s over 94 degrees here, and I don’t want to go outside in the humidity, as I have to walk. 😛

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