Magic Yarn Ball Swap part 2

June 2, 2006

Oh joy! I found a skein of yarn for my MYBS partner in my stash that she has on her Jimmy Beans Wool Wishlist. How cool is that? I’m going to invent a list (or at least think about inventing a list) where people can put all the stuff they want. Amazon’s great, but it doesn’t have good knitting stuff.

I digress. I shopped today and got trinkety fun dodaddish things to wrap inside the yarn. ABC and I enjoyed winding the ball (until she bailed for pretzels and popsicles–another healthy snack provided by yours truly). Now it’s wrapped and on the pile to go to the post office. I’ll try to make a run tomorrow because I have yarn for my 1SSP and my June Project Spectrum package is finis, voila and good to go.

I’m so excited!

So here’s a peek of the wrapped yarn ball because Staci knows my blog address, and we don’t want her peeking!


One Response to “Magic Yarn Ball Swap part 2”

  1. staci Says:

    hi lorinda,

    i just wrote pretty much the same post on my journal. 🙂

    if you want a peek check out my journal.

    i can’t wait to see mine!

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