Memorial Day (TV in review)

May 30, 2006

I celebrated Memorial Day as all good Americans do, watching TV about Memorial Day. It rained like the dickens (not that I’d venture outdoors in the 93 degree weather with 200 percent humidity), so we couldn’t grill. Oh yeah, and I keep forgetting to refill the propane.

The History channel helped my patriotism by hosting a Band of Brothers marathon. I’m glad we have movies like that to help us remember what our soldiers sacrificed for us. I’m also glad that is was hours and hours of serious eye candy. You can dirty those boys up and still . . . yum. I’ve had a crush on Ron Livingston since Office Space.

And speaking of offices, watched season one of The Office (US edition). I am an unabashed fan of the original BBC version. Ricky Gervais is pitch perfectly horrible and pathetic. I love him utterly. Ron Carrel’s boss is more hateable (is that a word?). I love Tim and Pam from the US show, but I have to choose Gareth over Dwight as the weird side-kick. I’ll be buying the DVD, and am eager to catch season two. Not sure I want to spend $35 on iTunes for the season (like I did for Law & Order:SVU).

Other office news. 10 years ago today Gock began his career at the Big Blue (no, the other one–Blue Cross). Happy happy. Go health care.


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