I get Mr. Darcy, and you don’t. (And I’m not sharing him either.)

May 25, 2006

You scored as Elizabeth Bennet. As one of Austen’s most beloved characters, Elizabeth Bennet represents what most women would like to become: strong, independent, and loyal. Of course, she has her faults including a stubborn will of iron and a clinging to first impressions. Overall, Lizzie is bright and lovable…something to admire and aspire to.

Elizabeth Bennet


Emma Woodhouse


Elinor Dashwood


Jane Bennet


Charlotte Lucas


Marianne Dashwood


Lady Catherine


Which Jane Austen Character are You? (For Females) Long Quiz!!!
created with QuizFarm.com

I was afraid I’d be Mr. Collins or Mrs. Elton. Yikes.

And in true Lizzie Bennet style, I figured out BY MYSELF without the help of anyone else how to change the htm-hell stuff to move the picture of Lizzie off my links (she was too far to the right). I’m so excited now I won’t be able to sleep. Maybe I should go read P&P again.


One Response to “I get Mr. Darcy, and you don’t. (And I’m not sharing him either.)”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Oh, but I LOVE Mr. Collins!

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