NoNi Bags

May 20, 2006

I love Mo of froy and olo, but I told her in a recent email she was killing me. She introduced me to Noni Bags, the temptress. I went online and found the patterns here and here and locally, here.

I was all set (as I planned at midnight) to hop in my car the next morning and trek to Geneva to BUY patterns and yarn with “I want it, I want it, I want it,” ringing in my head.

But six hours of sleep calmed me down enough to realize that I must wait for my NoNi bag pattern–it was a No-No at this point. I needed to stay home and clean my stash/knitting area. And here’s the reason why:

You know it’s time to clean up when this is the only measuring tape you can find.

I stayed home, and (shock of shocks) I cleaned up my “area.” Lo and behold, I found both missing measuring tapes, the necklace I had mislaid, and several other items that have probably appeared on the hit series, “Lost.”

Someday, as Wayne of Wayne’s World once said, “She will be mine, oh, yes, she will be mine.” I’ll get a NoNi, but I’ll wait until Mo finishes hers (the medium carpetbag if I remember correctly) and my beloved LYS owner Kathy finishes designing her carpet bag. I told her that I love her designs, but they are way too small for me. My wallet won’t even fit in her sweet dainty bags. She needs to make Bahama Mama size. Then I’m in. Or at least my wallet is.


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