Happily Handmade Basket continues

May 18, 2006

Back to posting my merch and singing the praises of the Indie Shop Sponsors of HHG.

Today I’m giving a shout out to Mo of Froy and Olo who gave me these pretty thank you cards (almost too pretty to use). Sorry the picture isn’t the best, but you’ll get a better idea of her work if you check out her website. She also shares her crafty mojo on lemon gardenia. She’s even on my toolbar. Can you hear that wet sound? That’s me totally sucking up.

The best part about Mo is that she’s not only super crafty and an awesome thrifter/estate saler, she’s really nice. Be inspired by her and bring some of her beauty into your life.

I wish she lived near me, because I would totally beg her to let me thrift with her. But she has my formal invite to Chi-town, so we can check out the cool stuff in mid-America (and eat popcorn at Garret’s downtown and go to American Girl and the Art Institute and oh, maybe even the Merchandise Mart.)


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