May 17, 2006

Yesterday, I finished checking email, closed my laptop and prepared to depart for the day. I heard a weird sound. Looking over, I saw the cord of my computer emitting puffs of smoke, right where it joined the computer itself.

I acted quickly (shockingly), unplugged the cord from the outlet and then from the computer (no shocks, shockingly). No fire, thankfully, and a quick check of my laptop showed all systems go. All I was out was a cord.

I’m glad I was home, because what would have happened if I hadn’t been? Perish the thought. The whole house might have been lost. And saddest of all, my computer. 😦

I hope I’m not that shallow, but the thought of losing everything on my laptop made me realize I need to backup my data. Yeah, put it on my list.

Went and bought a new cord/adaptor last night. Figured it would be thirty bucks. It was ninety. Ninety!!!!!!! And what could I do? I couldn’t say no. I plugged it in as soon as I got home, and the new unbent cord is cooking with gas, baby!

I’ll be more careful this time, I promise. I won’t break the cord by dropping the laptop on the floor anymore or letting my cats or my kids do it either.


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