Fringe Benefits

April 24, 2006

I went to a new LYS today. As I read on another knog, I felt like I was cheating. But then I rationalize, and rightly so, that they offer different things than my beloved Knitche in Downers Grove.

Like CUTE stitch markers for $2.

It’s called Fringe, and it’s such a fun place. I stuck with my deal with myself not to buy yarn
(w i t h d r a w l), but I bought two patterns. Yeah, it’s cheating, but I will use them because they are great. The website is

What I love about creativity is the different ways it manifests itself. Kathy’s style at Knitche is to organize the yarn by Brand and also by weight/fiber. Nancy and Veronica at Fringe (I met Nancy today; she’s lovely) organize by color. It’s like my favorite purse store–arranged by color. Speaking of purses, I probably should blog about those too. Later.


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