I sent out a group e-mail to everyone privileged enough to be in my addresss book. My challenge is this: send me a photo (or if you want, the real thing, but I get to keep it) of what you do–do you write beautiful verse? I’ll post it. Do you decorate cakes that are too pretty to eat? I’ll post them (and then eat them). Knit like Mme Defarge? I’ll post it. Carve wood like Michelangelo did marble? Send me a photo, and it’s on.

Then the 2.3 people that read my blog (hi mom) can see it and marvel at your talent, your perspicacity, and your amazing wonderfulness. If you have a weblink, email or phone number to sell your wares, I’ll include that.

Let’s network and flood the world with our cool beans stuff. You know you rock and you know you want everyone to know it.

Come on, everyone’s doing it. 😉


Earlier this afternoon, I stood up abruptly from the couch where I was working to yell and swear at the cat for knocking a 25-cent candle off the table. I scared the dog who jumped off the couch in a frenzy and knocked 2K worth of computer and camera equipment onto the floor.

I started yelling and swearing at him, and then I realized he had only jumped up because I was yelling and swearing at the cat. Moral to the story? Don’t yell and swear, or if you do, get your equipment out of harm’s way first.

Knot in any way wanting

April 24, 2006

Nods to Otis, my baby brother, for the name of my newly finished Moebius creation. I guess Moebius Malabrigo Celtic Stonework Knot is a bit of a mouthful. I showed the felted bag earlier in my postings, and took it to lunch to show my friend, and she asked to buy it. My dilemmer was to find a way to cover the snap backing.

So I ordered several of Nicky Epstein’s books on embellishments (from some vaguely remembered skit I want to yell “EMBELLISHMENT!” when I type that). Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments from Interweave Press held the answer. It’s the Celtic Stonework Knot which took me quite a while to figure out how to knot, but I unpacked the secret by copying the page, pinning the i-cord down on the diagram and following the weaving step by step (only backwards).

Here is the finished product, and fabulous, if I do say so myself.

Gock graciously shared his Celtic drawing stash, and I am eager to emblazon the world with celtic i-cord.

My nine-year old daughter was angry at being treated unkindly by someone (probably her big brother), and with motherly wisdom, I asked her what Jesus told us to do in the Bible. She looked at me blankly, and I primed the pump by saying, “He told us to turn the other . . . “

“Chin,” she finished.

Ah, I thought, a moral for the Baptists of the world.

*When I told my father this story, he told me I was evil. I’m going to take that as a compliment.

Fringe Benefits

April 24, 2006

I went to a new LYS today. As I read on another knog, I felt like I was cheating. But then I rationalize, and rightly so, that they offer different things than my beloved Knitche in Downers Grove.

Like CUTE stitch markers for $2.

It’s called Fringe, and it’s such a fun place. I stuck with my deal with myself not to buy yarn
(w i t h d r a w l), but I bought two patterns. Yeah, it’s cheating, but I will use them because they are great. The website is http://www.fringeknitting.com.

What I love about creativity is the different ways it manifests itself. Kathy’s style at Knitche is to organize the yarn by Brand and also by weight/fiber. Nancy and Veronica at Fringe (I met Nancy today; she’s lovely) organize by color. It’s like my favorite purse store–arranged by color. Speaking of purses, I probably should blog about those too. Later.

Spoiler alert: If feet gross you out, don’t read on. If you have a foot fetish, go away, you sicko.

I just used my birthday pedicure (finally!) today, and I’m gorgeous (as Pat from SNL would say)!!! Here are my pert and lovely toesies, and I bet you can’t even tell which one was broken, because I couldn’t even. I am a porcelain goddess my pedicurist told me (no potty jokes, guys). She is Sherri at Lifetime Fitness Spa in Warrenville, IL. 630-791-2224 The color is (I am not making this up) Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ. A sick name, a fun color.

Jinx, aka Tinkerbell and Jasper, aka Charles P. Twuckmeister the Third

A little kitty sherbet for you. I love my kitties. All I have left to do now with Jack’s sweater is block it. I’m also almost done my Alida (South African merino bag). And I’ve started a new shawl, but I think I don’t have enough yarn. Call it a leap of faith . . .

Did I mention I love my kitties?

Velvet, aka Mister Kitty, Chickit, and Beelzebub