The Pea-see de Resistance (almost done)

April 17, 2006

Here is the Jack sweater finally completed. It still needs a hood string (if that’s not too girly for him), then stitching up the hood where the drawstring goes, and then blocking. It’s made from the Knitting Pure and Simple Children’s Tunic (232) pattern. I used 6+ skeins of Chunky Misti Alpaca in dark grey (color 403), one skein of the Misti in French Blue and a red of a similar weight yarn but not Misti (I can’t find the label). It’s very soft, and when it’s blocked, I think the shape will be good. Jack likes it, but complained it was itchy when I first had him try it on. I choked back a scream, thinking of the time and money spent, but the second time he tried it on, it got a thumbs up. When he is too big for it, I can pass it down to Alana or, the benefit of growing kids, wear it myself. My LYS lady said I should take it out of the safe to let him wear it and not let anyone wash it but me. True, true, this is not a felting project.

Although I really resist the thought of naming my projects, like other knoggers do, this will be the Jack. When I go on to name other projects, I’ll have to show my rebellious streak and call them things like Stinky Cheese or Warty Foot.


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