The Shawl I Unraveled and What Became of It

April 8, 2006

I read a knitting blog about ripping out previous knitting projects or unfinished ones which didn’t match expectations. I’m only three months into my knitting obsession, and I already have plenty. She said, pardon my french, “If it ain’t bitchin’, rip out that stitchin’.” I have to agree. So here is the photo of my half-finished prayer shawl (does that mean my prayer was half-finished?) and the Moebius bowl which came of the yarn. I moved on to the next phase of Moebius–the trifold–three crossings of the needles to get the gorgeous look. As I sat in church, itching to get home and finish my trifold project, I realized that the logo of my church ( exactly matched the top of the bowl. Maybe I’ll have to make one for the pastor. Somehow I don’t think his delight will be as great as mine was. But the symmetry of the moment gave me a quiet thrill.

Here’s the logo, see the similarity?


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