Moebius Commences

April 8, 2006

I decided to take a class at my local yarn store (I guess I’m supposed to abbreviate it LYS to be a cool knit/blogger–maybe that makes me a knogger, since we’re abbreviating things). It was to learn the Moebius Cast On so I could knit cool one-surfaced scarves and the like. Being ever the overachiever, I bought the book ahead of time and the extra-long needles and decided to decipher the instructions on my own. It wasn’t hard, and my first attempt was actually a kitty basket/bowl which none of my kitties could fit in after I felted it. I’m happy with the outcome, and most happy that a new method of knitting is now mine. Cat Bordhi in her book ‘A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting’ calls it just that, magical. She’s right. I have gone on to make several more Moebii, and they are a delight. My first I christened “The Gryffindor Bowl” although it could just as well be something from Dr. Seuss. Here are pre and post-felted photos.


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