Right to Life

March 3, 2005

Terry Schiavo has a right to live. No one, especially her cheating husband and a judge who has never seen her, has a right to say she doesn’t. If it’s about money, we should be frightened. No one’s feeding tube should be removed because it’s too expensive to keep it in.

We human beings are qualifiers; we’re rankers. We like to decide who is the best, the smartest, the most heinous, the most worthy of life, the most worthy of death. Maybe it helps us to feel in control or to order a universe that seems mostly chaotic.

But all human life is sacred. Not because we deem it to be so or because we can see it as such. It is sacred because God says it is.

Therein lies its beauty–not in the physical manifestation, for sometimes we can’t see it. All human life is of immeasurable value because it was made by someone who is above us, not answerable to us, not beholden to us.

He is the one who gets to decide who lives and who dies. Should that lot fall to us, should God pass us a portion of his responsibility–as a government faced with the death penalty or a family member faced with a vegetative loved one–we must reverently decide what to do. But we must do it with the guidelines given by the one who gave life. His Word.

That opens a can of worms because people will read the same passage of Scripture and come up with diametrically opposed views, each citing God’s Word as the source. I understand that, but I know too that if we underscore our understanding of life with the truth that it comes from God and shouldn’t be taken or taken away lightly, we will fight against those who would judge people’s lives by their value to us, to society.


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