Election Day

November 2, 2004

Can’t say it any better than Ted Nugent did–go vote, but use your brain. Don’t do it because Jennifer Anniston told you to.

Sorry P. Diddy , but rock-and-roller Ted Nugent says your message to America’s youth to just vote is, to put it mildly, garbage. “I’m scared to death when the left, the hippies, the MTV parolees go, ‘Just get out and vote,’ ” the Nuge tells Whispers. “That’s not good enough. It’s like saying, ‘Well, there’s a child drowning in the river. Just do something. Here, I’ll throw him a cinder block.’ Well at least you did something,” smirks the creator of such hits as “Cat Scratch Fever.” “We don’t need to do just something,” barks the Republican activist and National Rifle Association board member. “We need to do the right thing, you understand? And I see this ‘Just vote’ from Puffy, Daddy, or whatever he is, to be frightening, pipe dream, fantasy world, youth ignorance,” Nugent froths. You laugh? Don’t. The Nuge is huge on outdoors TV with his top-rated Spirit of the Wild, pushes politics on his website, and is a hit on the USO tour with country’s Toby Keith . His message: Be passionate and educated about politics. “Voting is the most important decision a free man can indulge in, can make!”


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  1. Nice article, seems like you are a fashionista just like myself

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